Driving Lessons in Oxon Hill / Fort Washington, MD

Road Test Parking Practice

Use on any vehicle to keep the new driver safe. You can take on and off as needed. These magnetic signs warns surrounding drivers that a new driver is behind the wheel. Once the surrounding driver is made aware that new driver is behind the wheel, they tend to give that new driver more necessary space for rookie driving errors such as hard braking, stopping while turning, driving below the speed limit, and slow turning. Perfect for the beginner driver!

These cones are perfect for practing the reverse two point turn which is the parking manuever that must be performed on the MD road test. The size of these cones are similar to what is used on the road test. You can also practice other parking techniques such as pull in parking, angle parking, and parallel parking. These cones are also great for a new driver to practice turning drills.

These traffic cones are smaller but they get the job done. They can also be used to help the new driver practice the reverse two point turn and other parking manuevers.

Road Test Preparation

Practicing with cones makes a big difference. The road test is like any other test, you must study. The way that you study is by driving and practing your parking!!!